Frequently Asked Questions about CS

Question: Why make your own Colloidal Silver???

Answer: All of our colloidal silver generators are designed and assembled in the United States out of high quality materials. By generating your own colloidal silver, you are in control of the concentration and know you’re getting a pure, effective product while saving hundreds of dollars. Pre-bottled colloidal silver can vary in strength and quality and is very expensive. As well, fresh colloidal silver is much more effective than old CS that has been sitting on the shelf for an unknown amount of time.

Question: Is it easy to make Colloidal Silver???

Answer: Yes, it is very easy! All generators include easy to follow instructions to guide you through making your own colloidal silver quickly and simply. Our generator kits include everything needed except a jar and distilled water.

Question: How long do the Silver Wires last?

Answer: The silver wires last for 30-40 uses of an average amount/average strength colloidal silver solution. Wires should be replaced when visible wear occurs or when brittle. Fresh, clean wires work faster and provide better quality colloidal silver.

Question: What is the best color for Colloidal Silver? 

Answer: The color of a true colloidal silver should be amber, ranging from light yellow to a dark amber.

Question: The Colloidal Silver I have made is dark and milky. Is that normal?

Answer: No, that is not normal. If it is dark, gray or milky that means there are impurities in the water and you should pour it out. Only pure distilled water should be used for making colloidal silver. The right color for colloidal silver is light yellow to a dark amber color.

Question: Why is Colloidal Silver not more popular?

Answer: Colloidal Silver was used for hundreds of years until the invention of modern antibiotics in the 20th century. Since that time, colloidal silver has been given the unfair reputation as an ineffective home remedy. Honest research will prove the true usefulness of colloidal silver.

Question: Will Colloidal Silver turn my skin blue, a condition known as argyria?

Answer: Argyria cases have happened to those who consume large amounts of impure silver compounds. Research indicates these individuals were using tap water or adding salts to produce their product rather than using pure distilled water to make safe concentrations of actual colloidal silver. Do not use tap water or anything but pure distilled water and pure silver wire to make safe concentrations colloidal silver. Any impurities can produce unsafe silver compounds that could cause argyria.

Question: Will Colloidal Silver kill good bacteria in my body as well as the bad?

Answer: Most manufacturers of Colloidal Silver and Colloidal Silver Generators will not address this question. The fact is, if you are taking large amounts of Colloidal Silver, yes it kills bad bacteria but will also kill much of the good bacteria in your digestive system. It is advisable, if you are taking a lot of Colloidal Silver for a chronic problem, that you supplement your diet with a good probiotic supplement with the multi-flora. The foundation of a healthy immune system begins with a healthy digestive system. It is important to have the good bacteria in our digestive system at all times. We recommend taking a probiotic supplement in between times of doses of Colloidal Silver if you’re taking a lot of Colloidal Silver. However, smaller doses of Colloidal Silver should not harm an otherwise healthy digestive system. Consult your physician for any medical questions.

Question: How should I store Colloidal Silver?

Answer: Store colloidal silver in a dark glass bottle away from light at room temperature. Do not store in metal or plastic containers. Colloidal silver should be used within three months for optimal effectiveness.

Question: Should I refrigerate Colloidal Silver?

Answer: No, you should never refrigerate Colloidal Silver. Cold or excessively hot temperatures will make the silver particles fall out of suspension.


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